Your home is not only one of your largest investments, but also a place where memories are made and our families are raised. It’s a place of comfort and retreat from the busy world we live in today. A good solid roof protects your entire home and the contents. Here are the five top reasons to invest in a new roof for your home.

1. As your roof ages, it fails to protect your home. You may be at risk for water damage. Water damage gives mold an opportunity to grow inside the walls and attic space. And mold can be a health hazard for you and your family.

2. If you experience storm damage, you may need a new roof. The wind alone, especially straight line winds and hail can cause enough damage at times to warrant repair or a new roof. Also hail and high winds combined can cause damage to the shingles that you cannot see from the ground. You will need an inspection to determine the amount of damage.

3. Investing in a new roof can increase the value of your house, should you need to sell, and will also give your home more curb appeal. Insurance companies will typically ask how old your roof is when you apply for home- owner’s insurance.

4. Replacing your roof at the “right time,” can save you money in repairs in the future. Asphalt shingles will usually last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. This can depend upon how the original roof was constructed, any storm damage you may have had, and the original integrity of the shingles used when your home was built.

5. Peace Of Mind – Just knowing that your new roof will protect your home in the event of a storm or harsh winter weather can bring you peace of mind. And working with a professional roofing contractor is always in your best interest.