When it comes time to replace your roof, call Covenant Contracting, a certified roofing contractor and the leader in trust and performance. Choosing a roofing contractor with over 30 years of solid experience can save you time, money and headaches in the future. Should you need repairs from storm damage or an entire new roof due to typical aging of your roof, Covenant Contracting conveniently works with you and your insurance company to secure the the very best deal for your dollar.

If you notice leak spots on your ceiling, or shingles that have lifted due to wind damage, call Covenant Contracting to schedule an appointment to perform a thorough check of your roof and give you an honest answer to your roofing needs. Leaks can cause mold issues, and addressing these issues now instead of later can stop any further damage to your ceilings and underlying structure.

What are some of the top reasons to have a certified roofing contractor replace your roof?

• Experience. Hiring a roofing contractor with experience is key in getting the job done right the first time and with less interruption in your busy life.
• Solid Advice. Talking with a certified roofer allows you to make the right decision regarding shingles, colors, warranty and cost.
• Warranty. You want the best warranty in the business. Securing a solid, comprehensive warranty gives you and your family peace of mind. Covenant Contracting, the leader in trust and performance can steer you in the right direction.
• Value. A new roof increases the value of your home immediately. The investment you make now in choosing the best roofing materials and installation, will pay off in the future.

Covenant Contracting uses Owens Corning roofing materials. We are offering a Summer special discount package now, featuring the new Duration Series shingle. This new wind resistant shingle offers a 130 MPH wind resistant warranty. It is also available in several color blends enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

Call Covenant Contracting for your residential roofing needs and have your new roof installed by a certified St. Louis roofing contractor. You can count on their expertise in the contracting field to help you choose the right roof for your home.